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Are you ready to become YouTube famous?

Building a YouTube channel is beneficial for brands, vloggers, and content creators. It’s a great platform to publish videos and content and gain subscribers and fans. However, every aspiring YouTuber knows the difficulty of getting new subscribers and viewers, especially if you’re starting from scratch. No matter how hard you work on your excellent content and attention-grabbing videos, you’ll still find yourself struggling to get more people to view them.

That’s because YouTube’s algorithm takes into consideration your current number of subscribers, views, and engagement. This algorithm is responsible for giving users suggested content to watch. Research showed that almost 70% of all watched content on YouTube came from YouTube’s suggestions. If you have a lot of subscribers, a high level of engagement, and high play counts, your videos are more likely to be suggested to non-subscribers.

The problem lies when you have a few subscribers and minimal play count, then reaching new people may prove to be a difficult task. So you’ll be working your back off to make quality content that very few people will be able to see, while the popular YouTube channels increase their subscriber count exponentially.

How Social Ninja Can Boost Your YouTube Account

So how do you take advantage of YouTube’s algorithm if you have very few subscribers at the moment? Here’s where Social Ninja comes in. We offer several packages that will give you subscribers, video views, and likes. The price of the packages depends on how many new subscribers you want.

Our real and legitimate users will follow your channel, view your videos, and like them, which will increase your channel’s level of engagement. Not only will this make your channel more popular and credible to potential subscribers, but this will also help you take advantage of YouTube’s algorithm without having to spend on paid promotions. Furthermore, YouTube will do the targeting for you, suggesting your videos to the demographic that will most likely be your market.

Unlike other companies that offer the same services for free, ours is made up of real people with real accounts and actual interests. We don’t use dummy accounts and bots that will do nothing for your channel. Users nowadays are very perceptive and they know if your subscribers are fake. Our real users will bump up the engagement of your channel giving you the opportunity to appear on more potential subscribers’ suggested videos. Thus, growing your community organically to actual users who enjoy your content.

Your channel will not only lead to fame and credibility, with more views and engagement, but you can also soon monetize your channel giving you a source of income. The Social Ninja services may just be the best investment you can do for your channel.

Importance of Having an Active YouTube Account

An active YouTube account with high levels of engagement and a large number of subscribers is a huge asset to any brand or individual. More than fame and a platform to reach audiences worldwide, the potential to earn money from advertisers is a huge advantage. An active channel can help you with the following:

  • — Gain fame and celebrity status

  • — Reach a wide audience of people who appreciate your content

  • — Your videos will be suggested to new eyes, thus further increasing your subscribers and views

  • — You have higher chances of going viral and being shared on other social media platforms

  • — You can earn a substantial amount of income from advertisements

  • — Reach your target audience and direct them to your website

Social Ninja can help you get to that level of engagement wherein you will be able to reach more people through the help of YouTube’s algorithm. More subscribers will ensure your content gets the attention it needs from a wider audience and more targeted users.