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What are YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube is one of the top fan-driven platforms on the internet, as popularity is often defined by views, shares, comments, and various other forms of engagement. However, long-term growth on YouTube is often defined by subscribers, and you must understand this if you are a content creator on the platform.

A subscription is essentially an agreement to see more content from a particular user. So, if somebody is a subscriber to your YouTube channel, then the platform may begin to recommend more of your content to them regularly. In addition to this, the name of your channel will automatically be added to their subscriptions tab for easy access.

To most content creators on the platform, subscribers are at the core of YouTube, which is why most channels actively encourage you to subscribe. Building a strong subscription base is especially important for newer YouTube channels, as they will be unable to make money from their content until they reach 1,000 subscribers.

What are Enabled YouTube Notifications?

As YouTube is such a large platform, with over 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute, it is extremely easy for your content to get lost among others. Naturally, this means that despite having a good subscriber count, your viewership may still be little, as a high number of your subscribers may not be seeing your videos.

To help combat this, YouTube introduced a notification system for subscribers. Generally, after a user subscribes to your channel, they will have the option of receiving either personalized notifications, no notifications, or all notifications. So, if they hit the “all notifications” button, then they will receive an alert each time you upload content. This allows your subscribers to easily follow your YouTube journey even if your videos don’t show on their home page.

Unfortunately, YouTube sets the personalized notifications settings as the default. This means that your subscribers will receive notifications on a customized basis, depending on their watch history and how they generally use the platform. So, some of your subscribers may have never even received any notifications from you.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you encourage all your subscribers to enable the “all notifications” button for your channel. This should lead to increased engagement and viewership for any new upload. If you are struggling to retain viewership among your subscribers, then we also suggest that you have a quick look through your YouTube analytics. There are several key metrics that the platform makes available to content creators, including the percentage of subscribers that have enabled YouTube notifications for your channel.

Interesting Content Creators Get More Subscribers

In any case, YouTube is built around interest, and captivating your audience should always be your main priority as a content creator. The channels with the most subscribers have often found unique and interesting ways to capture their target market and build a strong, core following that will stick with them through thick and thin.

So, if you are struggling to build up engagement on the platform, then we often suggest that you start by studying some of the top content creators in your niche. Look carefully through their videos and note down what they are doing and how they are presenting their content. You will often be surprised at how much of a big impact the little things can have when trying to grow a YouTube channel.

When studying similar channels, also don’t forget to pay attention to what the audience is saying. YouTube has a great comments section, and you should try your hardest to take advantage of it as a content creator. Look through the comments of the most popular videos in your niche and note down if there is anything their audience agrees they would like to see more of. If this is something you can deliver, then try integrating it into your next video and see how your audience reacts to it.

YouTube audiences also love fresh content and often begin to zone out of your channel if your videos are too repetitive. Try changing it up occasionally by focusing on different aspects of your niche. By casting your net as wide as you can, you can grab more subscribers while also being sure of retaining your current fans.

In addition to keeping your content interesting by focusing on the various parts of your niche, you may also want to try out collaborating with other content creators on YouTube. Reach out to one or two who make similar content and ask if they are open to collaborating. By doing so, you can gain access to some of their subscribers and vice-versa, which is a win-win for everybody. You can always start with channels with similar subscription counts as you, then as your channel grows, you may be able to collaborate with bigger channels.