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What are likes on Twitter?

Likes on a tweet are one of the best ways to show appreciation and approval of a tweet that appears on your Twitter feed. Liking a tweet is quick, simple, and easy with a tap of the small heart-shaped icon at the bottom row under the tweet itself. This is a great way to interact with the creator of that specific content in an effortless way that does not slow you down or take up too much of your time.

In addition to adding to the metric of the likes attached to that specific tweet, likes on Twitter allow you to store and save tweets that you have liked in the past in an easy way. This allows you to go to your page and see what you have liked in the past and quickly get access to this content if you ever want or need it later on. This feature used to be considered ‘favoriting’ a tweet as it stored it under your profile for both you and others who visit your profile to see. This associates you with the kind of content you like and influences your Twitter feed in the future.

These likes are visible to both you and others both on your profile and on your follower’s Twitter feeds. People who follow you will see tweets that you have liked populate their feeds with an indication above the tweet to signal that you have liked this particular tweet. This is a great and effortless way to share what you have enjoyed with your followers without going through the extra effort needed to retweet or send the tweet to others directly. Twitter feeds are customized and curated to give you the best experience online, this includes authentic and popular tweets over tweets with less engagement.

Tweets that have more likes indicate an active and popular Twitter account. This level of engagement can be leveraged to drive popularity, celebrity, as well as business goals that you may have. Highlighting this engagement can serve as social proof that you can bring value to brands, businesses, and campaigns that choose to work with you on marketing-related activities. Engagement of this kind can be beneficial toward the growth of your Twitter profile for both personal and business accounts.

How can I see who likes my tweets?

Viewing who likes your tweet can give you a better idea of the type of audience you are reaching. Having a good understanding of your demographics can help you in the future to target your content and maximize the effect it can have on audiences online. In addition to this, it tells you which of your content works, and what does not. This is important when creating and posting content on Twitter to build a credible and popular account. Being able to create content best suited for the audience viewing what you produce can help expand and extend your reach. In order to view who likes your tweets, you should do the following:

  • Login to Twitter

  • Find the tweet that you would like to view the likes

  • Click on the tweet in order to expand and view it. After clicking on the tweet, you should also be able to see the comments and responses to that specific tweet that you have selected.

  • Below the tweet itself, there is the date and time, followed by the words “Retweets” and “Likes”

  • Click on the word “Likes”. Note that below this there is also a heart icon that allows people to like tweets, but clicking on it will not allow you to view the people that liked the tweet.

  • After doing this, you will be able to view the list of the individuals that have liked your tweet

How can I turn off like-notifications on Twitter?

In some cases, it may be beneficial to filter the types of notifications you receive in order to keep track of only the most important information you may require from Twitter. Notifications such as mentions, likes, retweets, or a new follower can drown out other important notifications that you may have. Turning off Twitter like notifications can be quite beneficial for individuals with a larger following and a lot of user engagement via likes. The more popular your Tweets become, the more likes, follows, and retweets you can receive. Along with this popularity comes an influx of notifications constantly going off on your device. This can become incredibly annoying and can interrupt and break your concentration from whatever tasks you may be busy with on the device receiving the notifications. In addition to this, you may find yourself responding to interactions that are not as urgent as others. In order to turn the notifications off for the likes on your web or browser, you should do the following:

  • Log in to your Twitter account

  • Go to the Settings and select Web Notifications

  • Deselect the check box for the option that reads “Someone likes my tweets”

  • Save your changes and exit