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What are Followers on Twitter?

When you log in to Twitter and post something, your followers are the people who can see your posts on their feed or Home timeline. These people have voluntarily subscribed to your Tweets because they are interested in viewing your content. They can see what you post in real-time, and you can engage with them by sending a private, Direct Message (DM).

When a person wants to follow you on Twitter, they have to go to your profile image and click the Follow button located on the lower-right corner. To view your followers list, go to your profile and click on the followers link. You’ll see the number of followers you have and their Twitter identities. Keep in mind that when someone follows you, you don’t necessarily have to follow them back. You also have no way of requesting someone to follow you. So, how do you gain followers on Twitter?

The trick to increasing your followers is engaging with people more often and posting interesting and relevant content. For instance, Twitter will show you the keywords and hashtags currently trending, and you can leverage those to get noticed. If you consistently put out valuable and unique content, you’ll be sure to start gaining more followers and fans.

Increasing Twitter followers doesn’t just make you popular, but it also boosts your influence. That’s because your content is being distributed to a wider audience, and you have more access to people willing to buy into whatever you have to offer. In a nutshell, your followers on Twitter are the key to building a successful brand.

Will my Followers see all my Posts?

Technically, your followers should see all your posts, but this isn’t always the case. It’s more accurate to say that your followers will have access to all your posts, even when your Tweets are protected. Your followers are more likely to come across your posts if they log into their account more frequently and spend more time scrolling through their feed.

Otherwise, if they rarely log in and only skim through their feed when they do, they may miss your posts, especially since their Home timeline is also crowded with Tweets from the other people they follow. What’s more, your followers can choose to mute your accounts. That means your Tweets will be removed from their Home timeline even though they’re still following you.

If you want your followers to see as many of your posts as possible, you can employ several tips and tricks. One of the best ways to make sure people see your posts is to Tweet religiously. Remember, it’s a number’s game, so the more you post, the higher the odds of getting noticed.

Most Tweets have a short half-life, so if you post less frequently, you won’t get the level of engagement you’re looking for. You should also look at your analytics to figure out when your Tweets get more impressions. While there’s no magical best time to Tweet, you can still get a good idea of when your followers are more likely to be online.

Another great way to help people find your Tweets is by using trending hashtags. If your followers are interested in a hashtag you have used, they can use the search function, and the affiliated Tweet will then show up in the results, depending on the number of uses the hashtag has received.

How do I make someone stop following me on Twitter?

It’s simple! Block them.

Using the block feature gives you more control over your Twitter account. It enables you to restrict specific people from seeing your Tweets and following you or interacting with you. Once you block someone on Twitter, that person can no longer send Direct Messages to you or view any other aspect of your account when logged in to Twitter.

The blocked account will not receive notification of your actions, but they will be able to see that you have blocked them by checking your profile. To block a specific account, simply log into your Twitter account, visit the account’s profile page, click the three-dot "More" icon before selecting the block option, and then confirm.

You can also block via Tweet by clicking the three-dot icon at the top of a particular Tweet from the account you wish to block. Click on Block and then click again to confirm. To check if you have successfully blocked someone, visit their profile. You should see a Blocked button instead of a Follow button.

Besides blocking someone on Twitter, you can also remove an account, so they stop following you. However, this option is only currently available via Twitter web though this is subject to change. To remove someone, locate the account’s profile page and click on the More icon on the right side of the Follow button. Choose the “Remove this follower” option and confirm to complete the action.

Keep in mind that when you remove someone, they can still follow you again, whereas they can’t do this if you block them. To prevent a removed account from following you again, you can choose to protect your Tweets by making them private instead of public. Anyone who wants to follow you has to submit a request, and you have to approve it before they can see your Tweets.