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What are Views on TikTok?

If you regularly use TikTok, then you will likely have realized that each video you watch is accompanied by a value to indicate the number of plays that it has been able to generate. Although most social media applications tend to count the number of views of any piece of content, how a play is measured will likely vary depending on what app you are using.

However, if you are a content creator, understanding what counts as a view, and what doesn’t, is extremely important to growing your account and reaching a high number of users. In the case of TikTok, each view simply represents an impression. This means that the moment that your video is played, then a view is added, even if the user never gets to the end of your content.

Additionally, if a user has a video on auto-play or repeat, then each play will also count as a new view. So, whenever a person visits a profile and glances through a video or swipes through their “For You” page, they are generating views for each video that they play. However, you must note that TikTok does not add to your view count if you watch your video.

How do TikTok Views Affect My Post?

Alongside likes and comments, having a good number of views is critical to boosting your following and influence on TikTok. Although there are various reasons for this, it is partially because people tend to pay more attention to videos or profiles that have been able to garner a high number of views, as they may feel that their content is more engaging or credible.

Additionally, as many content creators on TikTok heavily rely on its famous algorithm and the “For You” page, getting a good number of views is far more important on TikTok than on other social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This is mainly because videos with a high number of views are more likely to be recommended to more users.

Essentially, you must think of TikTok’s video recommendation process as a feedback loop. This means that the moment you upload a video, TikTok is going to send it out to a small number of users. These users mostly act as judges for content and are used to determine certain features, such as the relevancy of your video, as well as its target group and engagement levels.

To judge whether your video will be shown to more people, TikTok will generally pay attention to important metrics, such as the amount of time spent viewing your video, and the completion rate. So, if most people quickly scroll past your video, or don’t get past the first three seconds, then TikTok may feel that it isn’t worth showing to many other users.

On the other hand, if the initial set of people reacts positively to your content, then it will most likely be shared with more people. This process will continue until the engagement on the video falls.

What is Considered Viral on TikTok?

Going viral on TikTok is one of the greatest desires of content creators on the platform. Each day, some new video grabs this status, and you may likely have seen people jump through hoops simply to achieve this. However, the definition of viral will mostly vary depending on who you ask.

In most cases, going viral is linked to the number of views that your content has been able to garner. So, if your video has been viewed up to 250,000 times on TikTok, then it may be considered as just scratching the surface, and not yet at viral status. However, if it can keep climbing and hits a million views, then this is mostly considered as viral content on TikTok.

On the other hand, going viral on TikTok may simply have to do with the level of reach or impact that your content has been able to create. The TikTok platform pays a great amount of attention to the reusability of sounds and other people’s videos. So, if you come up with a sound or a dance, people may begin to reuse it or make their version of your content. If this happens, then your content may still be considered viral, even if it has less than a million views or has not been shared by many people.

Finally, going viral may also mean that you have simply broken onto the For You page of as many users as possible. In this case, you not only gain the views, but also the reach. You must remember, TikTok has over a billion users, and this figure rises every day. So, to make it onto the For You page of just five percent of users will still mean reaching over five million people.