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We deliver 100% high-quality Spotify engagement instantly. No password required!

What can you reach with our Spotify offers?

As an artist or podcast creator, getting followers and song plays on a large international paying platform like Spotify can mean a lot of recognition and income. With a platform that pays a small amount for every play, every song play, and follower counts.

However, every new artist trying to make it big on Spotify knows how difficult it is to compete with huge names in the music industry. There is also a huge selection of burgeoning artists in this platform all competing for the attention and exposure of the public users.

For a newcomer in the platform with a few followers, getting likes, and song plays can be tough. Getting to the first 1000 followers and song plays have always been the hardest according to most artists on the platform.

To reach new listeners, a song should be included in their recommended tracks, top charts, or in popular playlists. The problem is, to get to any of these lists, Spotify editors consider the popularity of the artist, the relevance of the song to the listeners’ preferences, and the engagement of the people with the album or song. It will be difficult to get these kinds of exposure without a large number of supporters and a high level of engagement in the platform.

How Social Ninja Can Boost Your Spotify Account

With Social Ninja, you can get the jumpstart that you need to generate a buzz around your name, your profile, and your tracks. Avail of any of our several packages offering a certain number of followers, song likes, and song plays that will get you enough engagement to catch the attention of playlist editors.

Our service offers real followers, with accounts owned by real people with actual musical preferences. Unlike other free websites offering free dummy followers that do nothing for you other than increase the number projected on your profile, we provide followers ethically. These followers will engage with you, listen to your tracks, and like them.

With higher engagement and followers, more and more users can hear your song. You’ll start to find your tracks in Spotify playlists and other independent playlists with a large number of followers. You can also reach your target audience through Spotify’s intelligent song recommendations.
With our service, you can stop worrying about how to get the followers and the likes, and focus your energy on creating music that your audience will love.

Importance of Having an Active Spotify Account

An active account on Spotify means you have a high number of song plays, significant likes on the platform, shares in other social media platforms, and a lot of followers. With increased engagement, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • — Get more exposure through discover tracks to targeted users

  • — Be heard by a wide audience through independent and Spotify playlists

  • — Your music can reach new ears every day increasing the likelihood of getting more followers who enjoy your content

  • — Get into the top charts to appeal to an even wider population who like your genre

  • — Earn more money with every played song

  • — Make a name for yourself in the music industry

  • — Get more exposure and shares to other social media platforms

  • — Likes and exposure can translate into sales in other music apps like Itunes and Google Play

Seeing an artist with a large number of followers on Spotify immediately says something about the quality of their work, thus attracting even more potential listeners. With our help and your talent, your music can be heard all around the world.