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What are Spotify monthly listeners?

Monthly listeners is a simple but great metric and indicator of popularity and relevancy on Spotify. The number of monthly listeners that you have is clearly visible for everyone to see as soon as they see your artist profile. Because of this, it is an immediate reflection of your profile and an accurate indicator of your activity and popularity on the platform. This relevancy is of particular interest to brand partnerships or show bookings as they can serve as social proof of interest in your art. In this way, the popularity and social status that you can get from this number can be transferred into other marketing-related or business activities.

Spotify monthly listeners are calculated on a rolling window of 28 days. This means that the metric is calculated and refreshed to accurately display the number of unique users that have listened to your music over the last 28 days. Due to the number of days varying from month to month, Spotify decided on a rolling window of 28 days to give the most accurate data possible. Spotify counts a listen once a single stream lasts for longer than 30 seconds even if a user decides to play your music offline. Spotify will still track offline plays and add them to your rolling tally once their device is reconnected to the internet.

Not everyone listens to music on the same schedule. Some people may listen to music more during the week and less over the weekends while others may go a few days without listening to anything due to their busy schedules. This is why monthly listener data is helpful to visualize and analyze the accurate performance of your music on the platform.

Keeping a consistent release schedule for your music on Spotify can help you maintain your monthly listener count over the long term. This will allow for your profile to continue to grow and expand in order to retain relevancy and popularity as time goes by.

Why are Spotify monthly listeners important?

Monthly listeners are a clear indication of continuous popularity and success on Spotify. Due to this metric essentially being reset every 28 days, it can clearly indicate to you and the public on how well your content is performing over longer periods of time on the platform. This builds a brand and image that appears more sustainable and successful over the long term. Although some artists may have trends that capture a wide audience for a few days, monthly listeners are recurring fans of your art that can help cement your place within the music industry.

As with other numerical metrics, the higher the number, the more popular the artist and the art. In this way, monthly listeners can indicate to the public on the social status of the artists and their art. A high number of monthly listeners proves that the artist is popular and provides content of the highest quality that people actually enjoy to the extent that they return to the artist often. This number serves as a kind of social proof of the quality and popularity of the artist and can help the overall growth of your entire profile.

As monthly listeners have to listen to your music at least once every 28 days, the higher the number of monthly listeners you have, the higher your total plays will be as well. This is important because as your account grows in monthly listeners, it will also grow in total plays and revenue. Since the metric resets every month, maintaining a high number of monthly listeners also proves an active fanbase for your art. Having an active account and fanbase is the best way to help your account grow in followers, likes, monthly listeners, total plays, and revenue.

How to view your Spotify monthly listeners

Spotify gathers and presents all the data and statistics around your account in an easy and simple way. Spotify for Artists showcases these analytics in Audience with statistics for individual songs and releases available in Music. These statistics are illustrated for you in graphs for you to easily understand them. Some of the most popular statistics for artists on Spotify are your listeners, monthly listeners, and followers.

Spotify also allows you to customize your own timeframe in order to track and see your monthly listeners over a specific time that you choose. This can help you see trends as well as detailed information such as your daily listener and follower statistics. This can be particularly useful when you release new content to evaluate how well it is doing on the platform.

An artist's monthly listeners is not kept a secret but is displayed on their profiles for all to see. Spotify displays this data on the front of an artist’s page to indicate the popularity of artists on their platform. Although the data on Spotify for Artists may be more detailed, the general tally is available to the public which is the reason for the social component of the metric.