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What are Instagram Views?

Alongside Reels, Posts, and Live, Instagram videos represent one of the core parts of the platform, as millions of users engage with them every day. If you are a content creator on Instagram, then you will likely know that each video on the platform is complemented with a figure to show the number of times that it has been viewed.

Although views are a common feature to most social media applications today, the way that they are measured tends to vary from app to app. This means that understanding what is counted as a view, and what isn’t, is extremely important.

In the case of Instagram, the platform tends to follow the three-second rule. This means that for a new view to be counted on your video, the person watching must stay on your content for at least three seconds. So, if someone simply skims by, then Instagram assumes that they are not interested in your content, and so no view is added to your video.

In addition to this, Instagram also doesn’t factor in multi-play or repeat views. This means that it doesn’t matter if a user plays your video on repeat or loop. Once they have played the video once, then this counts as a view, and no other views can be added in from them.

What Effect do Video Views Have on my Account?

The Instagram algorithm is all about engagement, which means that it tends to put videos that they believe you will interact with at the forefront of your timeline. So, if your video can muster up a high number of views, then Instagram is more likely to prioritize it over other videos, leading to an increased chance of growth.

Having a good number of views is also one of the best ways of getting onto the Instagram explore page. Being featured on this page is extremely important for growing your account because, unlike the regular timeline, your content is shown to a wide range of people, including those that don’t follow you. However, Instagram is unlikely to feature your video on this page if it does not already have great engagement within your followers.

Having a consistently high number of views on your videos is also one of the best ways to increase the influence and reach of your account. This is mostly because if your videos have a high number of views, people will be more likely to engage with your content already as they will believe that it is more credible or interesting.

How and Why to Schedule Instagram Videos?

While Instagram does not allow you to directly schedule posts, you may do so through the Facebook Creator Studio. This is a platform created by Facebook to help manage your account and view key insights related to your posts. In addition to this, it also allows you to schedule your Instagram videos to be automatically posted at any time of your choosing.

Once you have logged into the Creator Studio, all you will simply need to do is to upload your video to the site. It also allows you to add location, captions, and hashtags, so don’t forget this before publishing your video. Once your post is ready and fully edited, you can then choose to schedule the post rather than publishing it immediately by including the date and time that it should go live.

As a content creator, there are several benefits of scheduling Instagram videos rather than creating them on the fly. Not only does it free up your calendar again, but it also gives you time to focus on other aspects of your account such as building your following and replying to comments, while also being sure that new content is already ready to go.

In addition to this, scheduling posts also gives you access to a core audience that you could have been missing out on due to time zones. You must remember, things move extremely quickly on Instagram, and it is easy for your content to become buried in a user’s timeline, never to be seen. However, by scheduling posts, you can be sure that your content will go live at a time when it is most likely to be engaged with.

Scheduling videos is also one of the best ways to get a bird’ eye view of any campaign that you may be having. So, if you are planning a campaign for a particular month, you can schedule all the posts that you will need and see if there is anything that is missing or should have been added.

However, if you were simply posting day-by-day, you can easily miss out on important content. You must remember, the key to a successful campaign is all about planning, and there is no better way to lay out all your content than through scheduled posts.