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How to get likes on Instagram

Getting More Likes on Your Instagram Account

Anyone who is trying to make a splash in the world of online marketing or social media should make sure they have a presence of some kind set up on Instagram. It is, after all, the second largest social platform in the world, behind only its parent company’s platform, Facebook. Billions of people are registered on the site, and millions of them sign in every day to share content and interact with friends and favorite influencers.How can you take advantage of these huge numbers of users on Instagram? One thing you can do (besides making great, original content to share) is to be sure you are engaging on the platform. You likely know that the amount of likes you get on Instagram and the amount of engagement you get is a big thing when it comes to how your account is viewed, and you can work on those numbers by taking some important and helpful steps to boost your account.So, don’t worry about how to get likes on Instagram anymore. Take a few of the tips outlined in this guide into account and put them into practice in your own posting on the photo-sharing platform, and you can grow your own profile while making important connections with other creators, as well.

How to Get Likes on Instagram

Likes aren’t everything on Instagram, but they are a major part of making your profile appear more trustworthy and getting even more users to engage with you. Your main goal to increase your discoverability on Instagram should be to get as much engagement on your profile as possible, and this means building up likes, comments, and followers.To do this, you’ll need to do some experimentation and careful curation of your content. However, do it right, and the rewards might be great. Here are some of the main things you should be doing to increase your likes and other engagement metrics on Instagram.

The most obvious step – share great and original content

This one should come as no surprise, but it is the single most important thing you should be doing consistently to get visibility and engagement on your Instagram page. Knowing how to come up with great content and then present it well on the platform can go miles in building up your audience, your amount of followers, and the number of likes you find yourself getting on your page.Try to make original content that no one else is doing. Try not to simply copy others’ work – you are building your own brand, after all, and you don’t want it to seem like a simple copycat image of someone else. Come up with cool videos or take beautiful photos and post regularly.Know how to take advantage of some of Instagram’s coolest features for presenting your content, including how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram Story and how you can use the platform’s built-in photo editing tools to make awesome edits of your photos. You should also know how you can take advantage of Instagram Live if you want to connect with your audience in real time.Make sure you let your followers know how to watch Instagram Live so you are able to get more people onto any live-streams you might decide to do on the platform. After all, the more people you can connect with, the more might follow you – which can build your amount of followers and the amount of likes on your posts quickly if you can attract a good amount of people to your page.Great content is the cornerstone when it comes to how to get likes on Instagram, so make sure it is the first thing you are focusing on.

Add some personal touches, and know how to remove unwanted content

Add further custom touches to the content on your Instagram by looking into how to add a song to an Instagram Story if you want to give a musical feel to your Live content. This not only adds a further element to your content that other Stories might not have, but it allows you to share a bit of your personality with your taste in tunes. You don’t have to just play others’ songs, either – if you know how to play an instrument or sing a song, make your Story or your Instagram Live your own personal concert where your audience can enjoy your talent.Sometimes, you will probably end up making a post that you think might need a further edit, or you just don’t like it anymore. Make sure you brush up on how to delete an Instagram post if you aren’t happy with it for some reason, so you can make space on your profile for other content.

Post consistently

The Instagram algorithm loves to share accounts that share great content often, and the more great content you post at regular rates, the more you can expect to be seen. Consistent posters often get more engagement more often, so make sure you are posting and continuing to interact with anyone who might engage with your posts.

Know how to engage with people to attract them to your page

On Instagram, as well as on most other social platforms, engagement is a sort of currency. People love to follow influencers and content creators who engage frequently back with them, so make sure you are getting out there and being social on Instagram!This is one of the easier things to do, but you need to be consistent about it. Check out other peoples’ content, comment on it, like it, and follow other people. Make sure you know how to turn on post notifications on Instagram so you never miss the opportunity to engage with your favorite creators.If you want to add someone to one of your posts or get them to see a post you find awesome, make sure you know how to tag someone on Instagram for those times that you want to share something with specific accounts.

Know how to use Instagram’s other features for further control

You should also be able to choose who you don’t engage with on social platforms, and Instagram makes it simple to do just that. For example, knowing how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram is helpful information if you suspect someone has blocked you when their content suddenly stops showing up for you.Sometimes, you might also get overwhelmed with certain accounts on the platform, and wish to take a break from seeing their content. Knowing how to mute and how to unmute someone on Instagram can be a good way to have some control over what you see when you don’t want to see as much from certain creators, but don’t wish to block them.If you wish to limit who can see your account, you can also make it Private. With this feature on, folks will not be able to follow you without making a follow request, which you can approve or deny. If you’re wondering how to view a private Instagram account, you will have to do a follow request of your own, and let the person approve you so you can engage with them further.

Get Out There and Post!

Now that you know how to get likes on Instagram, it is time for you to take all of your newfound information and apply it to your own posts on the platform. Get out there, engage with other accounts, make sure you are coming up with great content, and post it when you can. Keep doing this, and you should watch your likes, followers, and engagement continue to climb the more you post great stuff that people want to see.
Photo by Designecologist from Pexels