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What are Facebook Page Followers?

Facebook Page followers are honorary members of your Facebook business page. A follower could be considered a fan, honorary member, or subscriber to the page.

Having built up strong connections with their social media pages, users should acknowledge the importance of engaging with other like-minded people through sharing and posting updates relevant to them. The more engagement you receive from other pages, the more likely they will return for future engagements, leading to stronger relationships.

These engagements include likes on status updates, comments on said updates, and even shares (which is also beneficial). Most importantly, however, these engagements can grow into new followers/fans for your page!

Once users have become fans of your page, they're more likely to continue engaging, resulting in a better and stronger relationship with your page (which is great for the future).

How can I grow my Facebook Page Following?

To build up your Facebook following, it's important to post updates related to what you're posting consistently. These posts should be engaging and encourage people to like, comment and share. Using platforms such as Twitter or Reddit can also help get your name out there; by sharing these platform's links into other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. This allows users who 'follow' you on Twitter/Reddit to see that you're active on similar platforms; therefore more likely to follow you on Instagram/Facebook too!

Let's take a look at some straightforward ways businesses can begin growing their following:

1) Integrate Social Plugins into Your Website

As mentioned before, social plugins play an important role in both organic and paid growth of page followers. When users visit your website through a social plugin such as sharing or following your brand, they will automatically follow that particular page without having to "like" it first. If you already have a website, be sure to use social plugins to help connect with more followers.

2) Create interest-relevant Content

Facebook users are using the website for various reasons, which is why it's important to share content that serves their needs. You can do this by creating page posts or blog articles that focus on specific topics relevant to your target audience. To give an example, if you're running a fitness blog, share tips about healthy eating habits for weight loss. Suppose you own a restaurant and post reviews of your city's latest food trends. Whatever your industry may be, make sure you stay within your topic area when sharing posts!

3) Use Tools/Apps

The third and final tip for growing your number of followers is to use tools and apps. If you're an avid Facebook user, chances are you've heard of a website that acts as a scheduler, analytics tool, and social media management platform for businesses. For example, publish posts ahead of time or schedule new content later on with the help of this service.

Many other third-party platforms exist solely for scheduling purposes. If you have multiple business pages spread out across the web, these are excellent choices!

What's the Difference between Page Followers and Page Likes?

A Facebook fan is a personalized user who has "liked" your page. Likes are more public than follower counts on an individual basis rather than group-oriented like both of these numbers combined. Both followers and likes have their benefits for different purposes, so it's important to be aware of what they are to get the best return on investment for each.

Page Followers:

  • Page followers are counted as "Likes," but they also include people who have subscribed via email or an RSS feed. This allows you to see the number of potential future customers (or fans) and can be a great indicator of how your page grows over time.

  • If someone has donated, liked, subscribed, etc., then it means that they want to receive updates from you, and this is a good thing as it will increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to your site. It's important to know what content your audience wants and give them more of that.

  • Viewing these statistics on an individual basis for each post makes it easier for businesses to track their most successful posts so they can improve their content in the future.

Page Likes:

  • Facebook page likes to count the total number of users who have clicked "like" on your page or uploaded a photo. This is useful for businesses interested in how many overall users like their products and services, and it's good to see this growing steadily over time.

  • It also takes much less time and effort to get more likes via third-party websites where you can pay for them rather than organically working up to having enough followers naturally.

  • However, these can be fake profiles that will damage your reputation as they often contain spam links and may even contain viruses. If you're looking at only getting a large number of likes, then purchasing them from one of these sites is not recommended.